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Thoughts on The VVitch

I finally got to watch a movie I’ve had on my watchlist for some time and I have some thoughts … So here are – without further ado – my Thoughts on The VVitch. The VVitch Director: Robert EggersWriter: Robert EggersYear: 2015Country: America, CanadaCast: Thomasin – Anya-Taylor JoyWilliam – Ralph InesonKatherine – Kate DickieCaleb – Harvey ScrimshawMercy – Ellie GraingerJonas – Lucas Dawson Length: 92 min IMDb The VVitch – Plot Summary After being banished from their community a puritan family settles out to make their own future. The seven incredibly devout family members settle near a dark, mysterious forrest …

post of the month january

Post of the Month – January 2020

Good Morning, evening or afternoon, friends.
I thought I might start some new things in 2020 – even though I am not entirely sure of what all of those may be – but here is one of the new things I’m trying: I want to put my month into a blog post – which would then make twelve posts a year – for you to read and enjoy.
I’m not sure, what this Post of the Month will include but I am feeling like using it as some sort of way to look back and reflect on all sorts of things: It’s gonna be a little personal, I may include things I’ve achieved each month, I may talk about products I used and liked, new revelations, plans, movies, games, music or updates on projects all of those things.
Secondly, I’d like to include some future-oriented content: What are my plans, what’s my watchlist? That sort of stuff.
I am starting with my Post of the Month – January 2020 and figure things out along the lines …