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Colourpop Animal Crossing Review Video and Chit Chat

Here’s the video version of my Colourpop X Animal Crossing review. It’s honestly not just a makeup-review it also features me just waffling on about life ^^. More Videos you might like Painting my first OOAK Doll Crafting Vlog Making A Bungou Stray Dogs inspired face mask More Posts you might like Animal Crossing Written Review Portrait of a Lady on Fire Follow me! TwitterTumblrInstagramInstagram – ArtYoutube

Review – Colourpop X Animal Crossing Makeup Collection [ad]

Hey, hey, hey! Its’s me your geeky gal pal, finally back with a new entry to this blog. To be honest it has been way too long. I may come back to that and tell you about a couple of the things that have been happening … Spoiler Alert: It’s mainly depression and COVID-19 related. But: I have to start somewhen and somewhere and so I’ve decided to pick this little hobby of mine back up and start writing somewhere and somewhen. And today’s the day!I want to get back into a couple more thoughtful and deeper posts but to get started what better thing is there than a quick review off some cutesy looking makeup? I will confess: These review-esque type of things are a lot easier to write than the bigger, thoughtful and researched ones.So: When I found out Colourpop had an Animal Crossing makeup Collection coming out I went for it, dug into my wallet (yup) and decided to get myself some new makeup. Without further ado, I present to you: My …