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Some Actual Video Games For Women (And men, and anybody who’d want to play them, really)

This morning I was oh so innocently scrolling through twitter, as I found somebody tweeting about an article about “Video Games for Women”. The article in question was coming from a German Lifestyle-Blog mainly gearde towards, well, women and it could not have been more disappointing .My first instinct was to write about this article, drag it, talk about how toxic it actually was and how it was playing into so many stereotypes. But I won’t.Yes, the listicle mainly lists mobile games (Cake Shop 2, for example … Because women cook and bake you guys! So feminist!) and Sudoku (yes … not even a game here). Yes, it’s poorly written. And yes, the research is incredibly poorly done … But again I won’t. Here’s why: The article is from November. No reason to flog a dead horse. Since then they’ve added a disclaimer to the article. It’s as poorly written as the piece itself but to me it shows that the creators didn’t actually have any ill will in publishing it. I’d like to believe …

3 Multiplayer Games for Single Players

I’m not a huge multiplayer. I prefer Single Player Games. There’s several reasons for that: Fisrt of all, I enjoy a good story, something that usually gets lost in multiplayer games. They’re usually more about gameplay and that’s totally fine! We as gamers are such a diverse community, not just in race, gender and sexuality but also in tastes and priorities.Multiplayer games are also more about competition, something that isn’t quite my thing. I usually want to explore a game on my own, at my own time and so on. And lastly there’s something very deterring about having complete strangers on voice chat. I am so sorry but I do not wish to be screamed at by 12-year olds. For a long time I’ve avoided anything tagged „multiplayer“ with a passion and accuracy and could never bring to anything of real importance. But I’m trying to change that: I’d like to be more social in my anti-social endevours. So here are a few games I’ve kinda grown to love even though there not usually up …

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The Geeky Gal – Introduction

So it’s done: The page is set up, the first articles are written. I’m sitting here, thinking about what to tell you about myself. I don’t want to be weird oder obnoxious, don’t want tot alk to much about myslef, as to not appear arrogant or worse – boring. But I’d still like to introduce myself and extend a hand to possible readers. I am a 20-year old student. I play video games. Hell, I study videogames! And I enjoy writing. I enjoy sharing my opinions and passions with others and I’d love to hear about yours! So: I’ve decided to start a blog. Not just about video games. Abour geek culture and what it means to me: I want to talk about books and movies, comics and cosplay in a fun, yet critical way. I want to fight the notion that all of these things aren’t for girl. So I now invite you: Join me on my quest. Welcome to your place for everything geeky and girly!