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Post of the Month – January 2020

post of the month january

Good Morning, evening or afternoon, friends.
I thought I might start some new things in 2020 – even though I am not entirely sure of what all of those may be – but here is one of the new things I’m trying: I want to put my month into a blog post – which would then make twelve posts a year – for you to read and enjoy.
I’m not sure, what this Post of the Month will include but I am feeling like using it as some sort of way to look back and reflect on all sorts of things: It’s gonna be a little personal, I may include things I’ve achieved each month, I may talk about products I used and liked, new revelations, plans, movies, games, music or updates on projects all of those things.
Secondly, I’d like to include some future-oriented content: What are my plans, what’s my watchlist? That sort of stuff.
I am starting with my Post of the Month – January 2020 and figure things out along the lines …

I would like to use this as an opportunity to blog regularly, for you to get to know me better and for me to get to know you better. So commenting is highly encouraged. I’d also love to use it for some reflection at the end of the month and you are very welcome to join!
I might add a monthly quote or a task for the future each time, as I please.
So, without further ado: Post of The Month – January 2020.

Post of the Month – January 2020: Movies

The VVitch

This movie has been on my list ever since I saw the trailer … And like it happens with me it never got to a cinema near me, I missed out, moved on and forgot.

Honestly? I should probably start a watchlist of what to watch and how much I want to watch it … Right now I just couldn’t be bothered.

I am working on a post about this film but it might still take me a while.

It was literally the first movie I watched this year/decade. I met up with a friend (You can check out her Film Instagram it’s @pommes_de_fucking_terre) for New Years’. We technically wanted to keep it chill and actually not do anything and then ended up having a sleepover, playing Uncharted and watching snippets of movies in the evening (If you’ve seen a lot and are really picky, it gets hard to find something your truly want to watch).
We went on to watch The VVitch in the morning.

I quite liked it actually. It is a very interesting movie that does a lot with some clichéed aspects of horror.
It was also quite hard to understand the accent but I feel like that really added to the experience.

I don’t want to speak on it too much since I’d love to still write a post on it in the future.

Audrie and Daisy

A true-crime documentary I stumbled across over a couple of corners. It deals with some heavy topics so I recommend watching at your own risk.

I do not want to get too much into it – first, since I still want to write a separate post about it – secondly, since I’d prefer to keep these light-hearted and I want them to be “readable” for people who may not show any interest or even have some triggers related to the topics it deals with.

I am quite the true crime fan. If I weren’t in Media Studies I would have probably gone into criminal psychology. I’m just a regular Clarice Starling.

I want to make it incredibly clear, that the interest I have is mainly based on psychological and scientific interest. I can be quite macabre and noir in the jokes I make – something I feel like is an important part of catharsis – but I always try to stay on the non-idealizing side of things.
Like a friend of mine once said: Most of those people (referring to serial killers) were probably huge assholes … Like, I wouldn’t want to talk to them at a party, really.
I prefer journalistic and documentary if not even scientific (there’s a huge difference in those three, but I’ll make my inner media studying self shut up) content and I’d recommend anyone who shows an interest in the darker subjects as well.

I listen to some Serial Killer and Cult content – and I am always delighted to get new ideas for which to follow – but I wanted to broaden my spectrum a little. This documentary deals with neither … though it is not very lighthearted either.
I also wanted to add more documentaries to my movie-watching resumée (So in case anyone knows any … Shoot me a message, I am begging you!).

I really like the way it is using parallelism through some different, yet similar cases and still ends on a hopefull not. The subjects of this documentary are incredibly strong and I wish the best (well, except for the perpetrators, obviously).

Rolle Red Roll

Similar in topic and style like Audrie and Daisy yet not as well executed.
A true-crime documentary dealing with crimes at a high school, social media, sport, and white male privilege, rape culture …
Probably not gonna write about it, though.

Post of the Month – January 2020: Games

Persona 5

Did anyone say PlayStation Sale? Well, sadly they did so it was time for me to spend some of my Christmas money to bad use. I least I can excuse buying video games with beeing in media studies and therefore buying new materials for uni …
I bought a couple of games but I haven’t gotten around to playing most of them.

Persona 5 was one of them, with the exception that I am actually quite far into the game – I think.
It’s a huge game with a huge world and oh so many opportunities so it is quite hard for me to estimate how far in I am.

I can say I quite like it so far. The characters are amazing and it is so well balanced. I’d like to run around Tokyo a little more and somebody please kill the cat … But oh my god it is so creative! To be fair: I haven’t played any of the other games so I am a total newbie. I also rarely play JRPGs … No particular reason. Just never get around to doing it.

The world is fascinating and creative and oh man I love the characters … Some of them truly remind me of my friends in real life …

The Witcher: Wild Hunt

Yes. I have not played The Witcher: Wild Hunt yet. Yes, I know.
It’s one of those series that I have tried and dipped my toes into but never got quite warm with. I started on game one and always stopped playing after chapter one. I didn’t like the gameplay. Felt way too clunky.

Some of my friends kept bugging me to start on game three … Which: for the record: Seems horrid to me! Series want to be played in according order, goddammit!

I listened to them anyways and here I am.
Again: It’s a massive game with so many things to do and I haven’t even gotten past the first five main quests! So we’ll wait and see …

Post of the Month – January 2020: Cosplay

Oh boy … I was itching to get started on Persephone and Aziraphale yet I haven’t gotten much work done since; I am almost done with Kore’s cape, though. Since I am having some trouble with focusing recently I get distracted quite quickly. There’s still so much to do!
I have shoes and gloves, yet I have to change the dress pattern, make the dress, make the brooch and hair accessories, cut the wig … AHHH!
I’d like to finish by March, 12th since I’ll be in Leipzig after and I’ll be at the book convention on Sunday.

I have a new sewing machine now. My last one broke down – it’s still usable – and was getting quite old so a new one has been on my list of things to get for 2020. I just had to get it a little earlier than I would have otherwise.
It’s really good and sewing is a lot easier now.

I would love to work off my list of cosplans but I am already having so many new ideas … Since I am playing Witcher: Wild Hunt I am getting kinda into the idea of doing either Triss, Ciri or Priscilla … Welp, yo ho, yo ho a cosplayer’s life for me.

Post of the Month – January 2020: Uni and Personal Stuff

I am currently still writing some of my exams. The weeks in January have been quite stressful since I hade two to write in the first week of February. I also had some uni projects to finish – a short film to edit, an audio project to record and mix and a short game prototype – so life has been hectic.

I went to a drag workshop at my uni and met some amazing people.
Apart from us media people there’s also one theatre oriented course and they – like us – usually have to deliver on a project to end their studies.
So that workshop was one of said projects.
It was a lot different from what I’d imagine it to be. Like most, I was expecting us to actually fully dive into what you’d see in mainstream media: Create a character, dress up, do makeup … And we did that … But differently.
It was more about experiencing and accepting yourself. Learning new things about society. Working with your mind, your body and getting past anxieties you have.
The people organizing the workshop were really involved and did their best to create a safe space for all of us. We managed to grow really close together.

I also met two guys from my uni’s fencing team so I guess I am fencing now.
It’s something I always wanted to try but was a little shy about so I just went on to seize the opportunity.
I’ve been doing it for nearly a month now and I’ve really grown into it. The team is great and I think I found a sport I’m really into.
I also had them talk me into a tournament after holding a saber twice in my entire life and it went … expectedly. I still managed to land a couple of hits, though … So I’d say not too shabby.

Some uni related projects

I finally got around to finishing my first project with my uni’s student-run tv/youtube project so I am proud of that. It felt incredibly awkward to be in front of a camera – even though I usually have no problem talking – but the result is quite hilarious.
It’s a cooking show and we filmed three episodes for now, though I hope there’ll be more of it.
You can watch it here.

I also went to the first podcast meeting with my uni’s radio station and pitched some projects I had in mind. I still have some I’d like to keep and work on in private, though.
I’m pumped to get started on those projects. One is a feminist media podcast, the other more of a narrative thing and one is a true-crime podcast focussing on crimes involving students (in case you know any particularly spectacular ones please let me know!)
I’ve talked to the guys and the project rights will stay with me so I’ll link them as soon as something happens.

Post of the Month – January 2020: Plans

I thought of putting some specific plans here but … I’d like to keep it vague so I can set my pace myself. Plans are usually very dependent on my current state of mind, uni and other things I have limited to no control over.

I would like to get into making some Youtube Videos – though I am a little camera shy – and get a little more into media studies content-wise. I’d love to talk about some basics and maybe some film history.
That’ll give me the chance to practice some cutting and editing as well … Both can be fun but can also be very torturous.
I am working on putting some of my Toko Cosplay Process into video form.

I’ve started to get really into Foley and I’d love to record more sounds – maybe get my own personal little library started – so podcasting seems like a good idea for starters.

I am working on a private podcast project and I have some research for an episode – to clear some starting points – and I have some ideas for further episodes yet I’d have to do some more research. It’s not going to be about media but more about darker topics, yet I don’t want to get too much into it.

I also have a second idea I’d like to follow up on that has some more relations to media … Yet it still has a true-crime element to it … We’ll see.

I’ve also been collecting some short film ideas that I would like to get into soon. As soon as my exams are over I set myself to get into writing.

On to February

I think that’s it for this month … I hope everyone had a great one and let’s see, what February will bring.

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