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Play a game with me … Dungeons and Lesbians

Hey! Those of you following me on social media (or knowing me IRL) may have noticed that I have been promoting’s “Racial Justice and Equality” Bundle … There’s no real reason behind it except that I actually like the idea and it’s something I want to support. You get a massive amount of games, engines, assets, pnps and so much more for 5$ or more and all of the proceeds will be donated to Black Lives Matter!
And as gamers we have a huge problem of racism, sexism and homophobia within our community (mostly with mainstream following people I feel like … The indie scene seems so much more chill) so anything that promotes a different view is welcome here!
So as a way to promote this: I thought I’d just play through a couple of games from the bundle. I am a bit nervous to show this to you, though … It’s a bit embarassing. But all for the greater good, right? The offer ends in 4 or 3 days so go on over there now!
So, without further ado, heres my Let’s Play – Dungeons and Lesbians (Great Title, I know. I always though the perfect title doesn’t exist but here it is)

Please check out all the other ways you can help!


Campaign Zero
Reclaim The Block
The Trevor Project
Center for Black Equity
Minnesota Freedom Fund
Black Visions Collective
Unicorn Riot
George Floyd Memorial Fund

No Money?

People have been putting up Youtube videos that you can run in the background to then donate the ad revenue:

Here’s one by @KRISTINISANGRY on twitter:

Here’s one by @glossedchaos on tumblr:

Or not happy with the given charities?

Charity Navigator
Black Charities


Whitehouse Petition – Justice for George Floyd
Amnesty International (German; Look for the one in your country they have several!)
Black Lives Matter – all Petitions

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