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Let’s get spooky! Halloween recommendations.

The spookiest day of the year has finally arrived, which to me means: Let’s have a scary good time, my dearest of friends!
I thought I’d celebrate this most frightful time of times with some Halloween recommendations. These are merely subjective so you know … No hate. And feel free to leave your scary-time favourites in the comments or on my Social Media.

Serial Killers – Parcast Network [Podcast]

Now I’m a sucker for true crime. I’ve newer really been scred of clowns, ghosts or gholies … But real life monsters? Yes. After all: Psychology is the scariest of diciplines (right after media studies, of course).
Like many – I am really interested in what makes people … peolpe. What makes them think, do, feel … what makes them turn to darkness?

This podcast explores exactely that. Diving into the minds and souls of serial killers, exploring their youth and their deeds. Now the podcasts goal is not to explain away the deeds but simply to inform. The research is amazing – even though none of the hosts is an actualy psychologist or psychiatrist – even using some studies and scientific papers.

If serial killers aren’t up your alley, how about you check out Villains, Cults or Haunted Places?

Dark Tourist – Netflix [Docu-Series]

Wanna go on a trip with me? Don’t care for beaches? Palm trees? Blue Water? Looking for the speciall kind of trip?

David Farriers Dark Tourist Docu-Series might just be the thing for you!
Not to get too into it: Dark Tourism is a new (also not so new) trend in travelling where people find a certain thrill in visiting dark, dangerous places related to certain – obscure to flat-out gruesome – places all over the world.
Kiwi journalist David Farrier – not really a dark tourist himself – travels around to said places, trying out and meeting als sort of quirky things and characters.
The series is great for Dark Tourists or beach dwellers alike and does not get to scary.

Monster-Prom – Steam [Videogame]

I’ve fangirled about Monster Prom before: On one of my first post on here – Multiplayer Games for Single Players – and I will do it again!
Monster Prom is amazing. On first look it seems like a completely normal Dating Simulator, maybe a bit weirder than others; We’ve banged virtual pidgeons before so that doesn’t really count.

As soon es you get into it a bit more you notice all of the meta-commentary on the genre, the batshit-crazy plotlines, the raunchy jokes, the lovingly designed characters … And the fact that you can play it with up to three friends!
I’ve you’re looking for a good – not necessarily scary – time: Give it a try! (Its 50% right now btw)

Haunted – Netflix [Series]

If you’re more into the “Based-on-a-real-story” kind of deal, Haunted my just be for you.
This Netflix original bases each episode off of a supposedly real experience which happened to the narrator. Said narrator as gathered important people in their life in one room to now tell them this – supposedly – real experience.

The narration parts are intercut with – amazingly good and creepy – reenactements. How much is real and how much is dramatization is up to the viewer – Which is what makes it so scary!

Psycho – Alfred Hitchcock [Film]

Nothing beats a classic. No I wouldn’t really consider Psycho a horror film per se. It’s more of a thriller. But it’s still a classic, if not too scary.

Hitchcock’s classic style of building up tension and talking through words is at is finest and still gives me chills.

Brooklyn 99 – Universal [Series]

Ok … What’s an amazingly funny comedy series doing on a Halloween-recommendations-list? Those of you have seen Brooklyn 99 might already know where this is headed …

Brooklyn 99 is hilarious and I recommend you watch it – Halloween or not! What makes this a Halloween-Must-Have for me is the once-a-season Halloween-Episode.
You see: Each year the title-giving police departement will engage in a Halloween-heist to earn the title of Amazing Detective/Human and it gets weirder every season! Costumes, Red Herrings, Switcharoos!

If you’re looking for a good time but nothing scary … Just watch Brooklyn 99.

So yeah … There you have it! Those are my Halloween Recommendations this year!
What are you doing this Halloween? Party? Movie Night? Trick-or-Treating? Let me know!

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