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How to make Gin’s Facemask – A Bungou Stray Dogs DIY

Hello, friends!
I know that I have not been the most active during the last couple of months but that does not mean that I haven’t been busy. Quite the opposite actually. But I might just save those tiny little details for a small catch-up-post.
I have uploaded some more videos on the channel, some smaller, some bigger and I will post the others shortly.
This one’s showing my process on an anime inspired facemask. As in #WearYourMask but also be a weeb at the same time.
I basically say it all in the video so I am going to shut up now and show you how you yourself can make Gin Akutagawa’s Facemask from Bungou Stray Dogs.

Quickstart Guide

  1. Get some sewing supplies. You’ll need: Some scrap fabric of your choice. Honestly, the pattern will look good no matter what but if you want to stick with the reference you might chose something white to light grey-ish. Some thread befitting of your fabric. A wire to put into your mask and over your nose. Thread to tie behind your ears and wear the mask. I prefer to harvest the latter two from torn or broken masks I have lying around. You could use some jewelry wire but I’d recommend you glue of the ends so that they won’t stick out and irritate your skin.
  2. You can use my pattern but really don’t have to. The process that went into it is fairly simple: Just take a facemask you own and trace it onto a piece of paper. Then draw the strips and pattern onto it. Cut out the strips and use as a pattern on your fabric.
  3. Or print out my pattern. I’ll include a PDF down below. In the video I cut out the entire form and then transfer it onto my fabric. This was due to me originally trying to follow a different plan and switching gears halfway in. If you’re trying to do this I’d recommend cutting out each strip individually and them transferring it onto the fabric and then cut that out. That way you have a bit more leeway with your strips, because mine ended up being a little bit small. You can also always add more strips. Just think of where you wanna add one in trace the strip that would be closest to that position onto your fabric and add it in.
  4. The pattern also does not include the backside of the whole thing. The second layer is a) not obligatory and b) a bit varying in size given what stripp-y mess you’ll end up with. Simply do as I did and trace your finished front piece onto fabric and sew the pieces together. That way you can make sure you have the right size.
  5. Also: Whenever cutting fabric think to include a centimetre of seam allowance.
  6. Add together your pieces of fabric to create bigger strips. This part is a bit tricky so I’d recommend you check out the video with it’s visuals to make sure you do it right.
  7. Sew together the created strips. Make sure you lay them down first to know you’re getting the desired form.
  8. Add the side flaps to your main mask piece.
  9. Technically you could add wire and thread now or you could create a mask with two layers.
  10. Trace the created piece onto some fabric and cut it out.
  11. Add the wire to what will later be the inside of your backpiece. To do so simply take a strong needle and punch through the plastic wrapper and sew across the wire ends a little bit. If you used jewelry wire and glued of its sharp edges you can punch your needle through the gluey parts instead. This gives the fabric something to hold onto.
  12. Pin front and back piece right on right, add the ends of your threads to the designated pieces of your mask and sew along the edges. Make sure you leave one edge open to flip the whole thing inside out, when done.
  13. Finish up the last seam and wear.

Here’s the pattern

Piece 1 is the left side of the mask, piece 2 the right sight and piece three is the side flaps. You’ll need to cut two of the first two and two of the latter.

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