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Review – Colourpop X Animal Crossing Makeup Collection [ad]

Hey, hey, hey! Its’s me your geeky gal pal, finally back with a new entry to this blog. To be honest it has been way too long. I may come back to that and tell you about a couple of the things that have been happening … Spoiler Alert: It’s mainly depression and COVID-19 related.
But: I have to start somewhen and somewhere and so I’ve decided to pick this little hobby of mine back up and start writing somewhere and somewhen. And today’s the day!
I want to get back into a couple more thoughtful and deeper posts but to get started what better thing is there than a quick review off some cutesy looking makeup? I will confess: These review-esque type of things are a lot easier to write than the bigger, thoughtful and researched ones.
So: When I found out Colourpop had an Animal Crossing makeup Collection coming out I went for it, dug into my wallet (yup) and decided to get myself some new makeup.
Without further ado, I present to you: My thoughts on the Colourpop Animal Crossing makeup collaboration!


I wanna mention a couple of things: I didn’t buy the whole collection. Some things I wasn’t as interested in, others I simply didn’t think I needed. I already have enough makeup and should probably sort through some of that stuff so I don’t need to add to that. What I bought I got with my own money. Something I feel I should clarify given that that could change my genuine opinion on the brand and products.
I have also never bought anything off of Colourpop so I have no previous experience with the brand.
I also live in Germany so I am paying for and receiving my products through international shipping which may cost extra or may not be available throughout every country in the world.

What’s part of the Colourpop Animal Crossing makeup collection

All of these can be bought on the Colourpop website. At least that’s where I got them from. I suggest you always buy cosmetics straight from the original producer and seller or other qualified and trusted sources.
Please check beforehand, whether or not the ship to your destination and how much shipping may be!

Here’s the full Animal Crossing makeup collection.
Here’s their shipping information.
Here’s their full website.

Lip Tints

Three lip tint sets, costing 12 USD each or 36 USD when all bought in one set.

One set of pink-is colours are included in the fruit basket set. They’re called Juice Apple and Cherry Cherry.
(Picture Source:
One peachy set called Fruit Roots including the shades Orange Cutie and Peach Surprise.
(Picture Source:
One brown-ish/red-ish set called Pick of the Bunch including the shades Coconut Juice and Incom-Pear-Able.
(Picture Source:

Eye Shadow Palettes

Four adorable eye shadow palettes each inspired by different NPCs. One of these costs 12 USD or you can buy them in a set for 42 USD.

There is this Isabelle inspired very peachy and rosy palette called 5-Star-Island. It includes the shades Isabelle, Island Tune, Island Designer (my fave tbh) and Resident Rep.
(Picture Source:
This brown-ish palette named What a Hoot inspired by Blathers and my favourite Astronomer Celeste. It includes the shades Meteor Shower, Celestial, All Aflutter and Who!
(Picture Source:
This purple palette called Labelle of the Bal inspired by everybody’s favourite blue-ish hedgehog(s). The shades are called Able Sisters, Tailors Ticket, Custom Design and Serene Sable.
(Picture Source:
This beautiful scene of greenery named Nook, Inc. Honestly my favourite out of the bunch and kind of the one I wanna try out most. I don’t own a lot of green eyeshadow but some green clothes so … Y’know. The shades are called Yes…Yes!, Made in the Shade, CEO and Water Landing.
(Picture Source:


There’s two blushes available that each cost 12 USD or 24 USD as a set.

The two shades are called flower power and flower tender.
(Picture Source:

Super Shock Shadow and Glitter Shadow

Colourpops Animal Crossing Makeup Collection also includes one of their Shock Shadows as well as one Glitter Gel. Both can be bought indivudally for either 7 USD (Shadow) and 10 USD (Gel) or as a set for 17 USD.

This is the shock shadow. It’s called baloon pop.
(Picture source:
This is probably one of my favourite products in the entire collection: The Bellionaire Glitter Gel.
(Picture Source:

What I got

As already mentioned I didn’t get the full collection … There’s several reasons for that:

A) I am not a Bellionaire or well … Billionaire since we’re using real life money.
B) There’s some products I am simply not impressed with … The Baloon Pop shadow for example looks kind of basic (I swear to god I have seen this shade of shimmery gold in at least 5 other collections before) and I am not willing to spend money on something that I don’t find super unique just because it has a very cute exterior.
C) I already have something similar. The blush tones are kind of basic again and well … I already have blushes in similar shades and I am not okay with paying extra and then not using it.

So what I ended up with were the four palettes, the Fruit Basket lip tint set and the Bellionaire Gel. Which is enough to get a rough overview of the collection and to get the products I really wanted. I am not talking about “needed” here because … let’s be honest: I don’t need any of this. I also didn’t wanna break my bank which no one should really ever do for makeup no matter how cute it is.

Looking back on it I probably could have done without the What a Hoot palette … Cause I rarly use brown-ish tones except for creating a base and blending a look into my face … but I’m kind of a huge fan of Blathers and Celeste and maybe this is inspiration enough to use these shades more … They also go really well with the Bellionaire glitter gel which is actually a type of product I have never used so it’s the thing I am most excited for.
I’m also not sure whether or not the Fruit Basket set was the best choice for my skin tone … But we’ll see.

What I think

What I liked

  • colours
  • glitters
  • packaging
  • long lasting
  • very easy and colourful application
  • Isabelle is one of my favourite shadows (and I secretly use it as a highlighter)

What I didn’t like

  • What a hoot is a bit boring
  • lip stains feel greasy
  • lip stain smell
  • Labelle of the Ball not very opaque

For more Info check the videos on my youtube!

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