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Play a game with me … Dungeons and Lesbians

Hey! Those of you following me on social media (or knowing me IRL) may have noticed that I have been promoting’s “Racial Justice and Equality” Bundle … There’s no real reason behind it except that I actually like the idea and it’s something I want to support. You get a massive amount of games, engines, assets, pnps and so much more for 5$ or more and all of the proceeds will be donated to Black Lives Matter!And as gamers we have a huge problem of racism, sexism and homophobia within our community (mostly with mainstream following people I feel …

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2020 Gaming List

In case you haven’t read my 2020 Reading List, here’s the deal: A while ago I updated this sweet little site of mine with reading, watching and currently playing lists respectively. I did so quickly and I did so in an attempt to give this blog more shape and to get a better connection to everyone who may stumble upon it. Well, I felt inspiration strike this morning and I want to do this a little differently, now: Instead of adding specific titles to the list I’m gonna go more by concept and ideas and general categorizations. This way I …

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Post of the Month – January 2020

Good Morning, evening or afternoon, friends.
I thought I might start some new things in 2020 – even though I am not entirely sure of what all of those may be – but here is one of the new things I’m trying: I want to put my month into a blog post – which would then make twelve posts a year – for you to read and enjoy.
I’m not sure, what this Post of the Month will include but I am feeling like using it as some sort of way to look back and reflect on all sorts of things: It’s gonna be a little personal, I may include things I’ve achieved each month, I may talk about products I used and liked, new revelations, plans, movies, games, music or updates on projects all of those things.
Secondly, I’d like to include some future-oriented content: What are my plans, what’s my watchlist? That sort of stuff.
I am starting with my Post of the Month – January 2020 and figure things out along the lines …

Some Thoughts on Actual Sunlight

I recently finished playing Actual Sunlight. It’s not the longest game or the prettiest game and you probably never heard of it to begin with ( I mean, if you have, good on you!). But all that fits in perfectly well with the game itself and its protagonist: Actual Sunlight is not a happy game. It’s a game about depression and loneliness. The short description on steam reads: Take a walk on the thin line between hope and despair in Actual Sunlight: A short interactive story about love, depression and the corporation. Disclaimer Steam also gives a disclaimer: The game …

3 Multiplayer Games for Single Players

I’m not a huge multiplayer. I prefer Single Player Games. There’s several reasons for that: Fisrt of all, I enjoy a good story, something that usually gets lost in multiplayer games. They’re usually more about gameplay and that’s totally fine! We as gamers are such a diverse community, not just in race, gender and sexuality but also in tastes and priorities.Multiplayer games are also more about competition, something that isn’t quite my thing. I usually want to explore a game on my own, at my own time and so on. And lastly there’s something very deterring about having complete strangers …