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How to make Gin’s Facemask – A Bungou Stray Dogs DIY

Hello, friends! I know that I have not been the most active during the last couple of months but that does not mean that I haven’t been busy. Quite the opposite actually. But I might just save those tiny little details for a small catch-up-post. I have uploaded some more videos on the channel, some smaller, some bigger and I will post the others shortly. This one’s showing my process on an anime inspired facemask. As in #WearYourMask but also be a weeb at the same time. I basically say it all in the video so I am going to shut up now and show you how you yourself can make Gin Akutagawa’s Facemask from Bungou Stray Dogs. Quickstart Guide Get some sewing supplies. You’ll need: Some scrap fabric of your choice. Honestly, the pattern will look good no matter what but if you want to stick with the reference you might chose something white to light grey-ish. Some thread befitting of your fabric. A wire to put into your mask and over your nose. …

Toko Fukawa Cosplay Progress: Pleated Skirt – Video and Transkript

Scene 1 Hey! It’s my again! Aka Lilly aka @mupfinsmiley on Instagram. In my first video – So exciting, I know! – I tried to showcase my progress on of of my latest cosplays: Toko Fukawa from Danganronpa.I started off showing you how I made an underskirt to be worn under this and when needed under other costumes as well.Today we’re gonna be working on the second layer: The overskirt. Scene 2 I always like making skirts since they’re easy and you can get amazing looking results with few frustrations and little effort. It eneables me to get into some sort of meditative trance really quickly and I do enjoy that so much. I also just love flowy fabrics … It’s really weird since it’s not at all what I usually wear in my day to day life. Scene 3 This one is an almost florlength pleated skirt and therefore a bit harder to make than the ruffled one from before.The concept is still the same, though: Take a long piece of fabric, shorten one …

Toko Fukawa Cosplay Progress: Underskirt – Video and Transcript

Scene 1 Hi! My name is Lilly and you may or may not know me from my Cosplay Instagram @MupfinSmiley and/or may blog … Let’s be honest. You probably don’t. Because there’s like barely 250 people on there … And I love every single one of them!Well … Enough about that. In case it isn’t obvious: I’m a tad bit anxious to be on camera. But here’s the thing: That’ll only go away if I make myself be on camera more.So, I’ve been wanting to do that for a while now. You see, I’m in a Media Studies course at my Uni and we do have some practical classes. Being on camera, operating one and editing footage will sooner or later be something I’ll have to deal with. In fact I already had too … So why not do my own little project in form of this channel? Scene 2 Well, as I’ve mentioned: I’m a cosplayer. A cosplay who now, given the current Self-Quarantine-Situation, has too much time and not enough to do to …

Toko Fukawa Cosplay

Toko Fukawa Cosplay Gallery – XMasCon 2019

Gosh … I have so many memories connected to my Toko Fukawa Cosplay. First off: Danganronpa is my sister’s favourite Video Game and she is the one who actually got me into it. Fun Fact: She actually hates Toko Fukawa. Secondly: I wore it to German Xmas Con last December and I entered it into my first Cosplay Contest. I didn’t win but everybody who did did so incredibly deservedly. To me it was more about overcoming my fear and actually joining! And I made a lot of great friends! If you have some time to spare please check out @nappingmooncosplay and @sobbingcloudscosplay on Instagram – they were two other Danganronpa Cosplayers involved in the contest! And thirdly: The whole costume was just made by me. I altered some patterns, DIYed a little … And I got so much amazing feedback online! The Danganronpa Cosplay – Community is pretty amazing! I love you all. Now, without me going on forever: Here are my Toko Fukawa Cosplay pics: Pictures were taken by @pomme_de_fucking_terre Edited by myself …

Mabel Pines – Connichi 2019 Cosplay Gallery

Finally: Here are my Mabel Pines Cosplay pictures all collected in one gallery. Edit/Pic by @michiruangelika on InstagramBill @straci_san on InstagramDipper @xx.kouta.xx on Instagram Some Pics were taken by a friend (no Social Media)Some were edited by me If you want to know more, please check the notes underneath the pictures. Please check out some of the other galleries SheRa Kiki Or pay me a visit on Social Media TwitterTumblrInstagramInstagram – Art

SheRa Cosplay Gallery – Connichi 2019

Here is the collection of my SheRa Cosplay pictures from Connichi 2019. I finally went on to collect my She-Ra Cosplay photos from Connichi into a gallery. I’m currently redoing some things about this costume so stay tuned! Pictures were taken by a friend (no Social Media) and partially edited by me. I have includet the edited Instagram-Versions as well as the unedited ones. Check out the other cosplay galleries: KikiMabel Pines Say hi on Social Media, while you’re at it! TwitterTumblrInstagramInstagram – Art

Kiki's Delivery Service Cosplay photo 07

Kiki Cosplay Gallery – Connichi 2019

I went on to collect my Kiki Cosplay pictures and gathered them together in this gallery. Character: Kiki from Studio Ghiblis Kiki’s Delivery Service The pictures were taken by a friend (no Social Media) and edited by me. Please check out the other galleries SheRaMabel Pines And pay me a visit on Social Media TwitterTumblrInstagramInstagram – Art

Some Actual Video Games For Women (And men, and anybody who’d want to play them, really)

This morning I was oh so innocently scrolling through twitter, as I found somebody tweeting about an article about “Video Games for Women”. The article in question was coming from a German Lifestyle-Blog mainly gearde towards, well, women and it could not have been more disappointing .My first instinct was to write about this article, drag it, talk about how toxic it actually was and how it was playing into so many stereotypes. But I won’t.Yes, the listicle mainly lists mobile games (Cake Shop 2, for example … Because women cook and bake you guys! So feminist!) and Sudoku (yes … not even a game here). Yes, it’s poorly written. And yes, the research is incredibly poorly done … But again I won’t. Here’s why: The article is from November. No reason to flog a dead horse. Since then they’ve added a disclaimer to the article. It’s as poorly written as the piece itself but to me it shows that the creators didn’t actually have any ill will in publishing it. I’d like to believe …