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Started in 2018 The One Geeky Gal is One Geeky Gal’s expedition into the unknown. A quest to build a bridge between everything geeky and girly. An island for everyone who enjoys both and is open to new things.

You love video games? Sweet! You’ll find reviews, essays and stories from the community. Movies? Let’s talk about those! Comic Books, Novels, anything really! On this blog you’ll find inspiration in what to play, watch an read but also iin how to live your fan life to the fullest: Where do you get cute and geeky dresses? Small trinkets for friends and family, nerdy nailpolisch and so much more!

I’ll try to keep my content ever evolving. Some things you can definetly expect from One Geeky Gal:

  • Reviews, Essays and Analysis
  • Gift Guides
  • DIYs
  • Articles about amazing women in gaming
  • a lot of passion and love for the topic

I am a game engineering student with a passion for games and everything geeky. Writing has always been enjoyable and cathartic to me so why not connect the two? One Geeky Gal is my way of sharing and conversing with people.

I want to create a place for passion, love and exceptance so please stay civil. After all, we’re all still learning and trying our best.

If you have a topic in mind you want to see on here, burning questions or simply feel inspired feel free to let me know!

Love, Lilly

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