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A couple of Black-Owned Etsy stores to support [ad]

Last week I posted a post about Black-owned online stores. Given the current events I think it is important to stand with the black community as well as black creators. So I went back into research mode and found some cute Black-Owned Etsy stores you can support right now!
Etsy is usually where smaller creators can sell their wares so you’ll be supporting genuine small business plus you’ll get some truly unique pieces.

But, I’ve been talking for too long again, so with no further ado: Some Black-Owned Etsy stores to support right now.

Disclaimer: Technically I have to mark this off as an ad. It’s not. I’m not getting paid, I just did some research and wanted to do a good thing.

Local Colour Co

Colour isn’t just in the name, it’s also in the product: This masai inspired beaded jewellery is just amazing. I don’t think it would look very good on my but I still admire the artistry that goes into it. I sometimes make jewellery for fun so I know how much work goes into these pieces.

Shop here

Owusua by Adwoa

Still need a face mask? You’re late to the game but why not get yours here. Apart from that this store also sells appareal as well as some really colourful fabrics which are printed by order. I’d love to order some but the shipping is (understandably!) high and I am still out on it …

Shop here

Unique Sonder

Another jewellery store: This one sells cute 80ies-ish polymer clay and resin earrings. Sadly the ones I had my eye on sold out so I’m just gonna have to wait for a new pair to tickle my fancy.

Shop here


(Picture embedded from URL; Pic owned by BLERD)

I think the print on this t-shirt says it all.

Shop here

Kiyokes Craft

Cute, creepy and freaky clay-made jewellery. I admire this sellers creativity! I am certain you’ll get a truly unique piece at this store.

Shop here

Hearts and Hearts

Since I am a fan of vintage I thought I should include a vintage store. Hearts and Hearts sells vintage an pre-loved pieces and has a pretty cute selection. Of course that changes ever so often so you’ll have to check in once or twice.

Shop here

Temp Loves Crafts

Do you love penpalling and bulletjournaling as much as I do? Well this shop might be for you! As I’ve mentioned before I don’t really need anything right now since I am drowning in stickers but in case you’re just starting your collection pay this shop a visit!

Shop here

Moonlight Decadence

A small but incredibly cute store that sells all things kawaii – shirts, purses, keychains. I am certain you’ll find something.

Shop here

Pho by Mo

Looking for a way to decorate your room? Why not try photography? Specifically the photography of Morgan from Pho by Mo. Their photography is hauntingly beautiful.

Also! There’s currently a #BlackLivesMatter photoseries up on their shop so check that out!

Shop here

Nitz by Nat

Looking for more colourfull additions to your closet? Why not try out Nitz by Nat. They mainly sell hoops and headdresses inspired by african prints and they are truly beautiful.

Shop here


Art can take so many forms, so I added this store which sells ceramics.

Shop here

Lovely Earthlings

Not a fan of photography or ceramics? Then check out Lovely Earthlings: This store sells beautiful female and black inspired graphics and art. You can get cute prints or totes as well as cards and notebooks.

Shop here

RHYII by Richele

Now I noticed that I didn’t really add any hair care brands to my last list as well as this one? Like I have skincare and make up but nothing hair care related so I wanted to change that.
This store sells exactely that but with a focus on black natural and curly hair. Not really a product for me but an important addition. Plus their design is really cute.

Shop here

Mocha Design Studio

More clothing and appareal. This store sells minimalistic print designs with social and activist messages.

Shop here


Looking for something more extraordinary? rktikekt sells really cute graphic leather goods, as well as some jewellery, homewares and some accessories. I really like their graphic and simplistic designs.
One thing I wanted to specifically highlight were their cute little cable tacos.

(Pic embedded from URL; all rights with rktiekt)

Shop here

Pride Lips

Awww! I store I was really happy to find! Pride Lips sells LGBTQIA+ inspired lipgloss tubes! They are so adorable and glittery and I kind of want to own them all.

Shop here


Another one of my favourite finds: A black owned lolita store. as with Decora I feel like black people are usually excluded from subcultures and that is just awfull! There is nothing greater than a diverse community because everybody gets to add their own to a concept and I idea and that’s what drives it forward.
So shops like these are real treasures and should be treated as such.

Shop here

So for the ones amongst you who are more into having a personal touch to their shopping this were some black-owned Etsy stores.
I usually don’t order off of Etsy very often since shipping can get horrendous and I’ve found that most stores are located overseas. If that doesn’t bother you or you are actually from the same country, please consider supporting these wonderful creators!

For some more info:

Quirktastics post on quirky/nerdy Black-Owned businesses
Old World New on Black-Owned tea brands
The Mad Mommy on Black-Owned Etsy stores

I hope you enjoyed this post and that I was able to shine a light on some black-owned online stores. I have certainly found many new ones and I think I learnt something today.
I’ve also added some other ressources here down below in case you want to do more than just support specific people.
Thank you so much for reading! Stay safe!


Campaign Zero
Reclaim The Block
The Trevor Project
Center for Black Equity
Minnesota Freedom Fund
Black Visions Collective
Unicorn Riot
George Floyd Memorial Fund

No Money?

People have been putting up Youtube videos that you can run in the background to then donate the ad revenue:

Here’s one by @KRISTINISANGRY on twitter:

Here’s one by @glossedchaos on tumblr:

Here’s mine that I like to keep updated:

Or not happy with the given charities?

Charity Navigator
Black Charities


Whitehouse Petition – Justice for George Floyd
Amnesty International (German; Look for the one in your country they have several!)
Black Lives Matter – all Petitions

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