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2020 Movie Watchlist

movie watchlist

In case you haven’t read my 2020 Reading List, here’s the deal: A while ago I updated this sweet little site of mine with reading, watching and currently playing lists respectively. I did so quickly and I did so in an attempt to give this blog more shape and to get a better connection to everyone who may stumble upon it.
Well, I felt inspiration strike the other morning and I want to do this a little differently, now: Instead of adding specific titles to the list I’m gonna go more by concept and ideas and general categorizations. This way I hope to expand my horizons a little bit.
The world of media is huge and plentiful and there may be series out there I’ve never heard of before. I may only find them by opening myself up to broader options. It may also help me get some recommendations by people who are more familiar with the things I have not yet discovered.

So the deal with the 2020 Movie Watchlist is basically the same: I try to collect movies I’d want to watch not by specific titles but by more conceptional categories.
There will be some more entries on here, since the effort put into watching a movie is a little less, at least time wise …
Since it’s my first time doing things like this (at least when it comes to non-books) I am still figuring this out and am a little unsure about it. I might add in new ones later.


  1. If you feel like it, feel free to join in or create your own list. I remember these sort of monthly challenges (for reading) from my time as a book blogger and I thought it would be a nice idea.
  2. I try and keep this list updated by what I’m currently watching, what I’m already through and the links to the posts regarding the pieces I’ve read. I may also add or remove entries, as inspiration strikes.
  3. Entries shouldn’t double. P.e. I wanna watch a film about mermaids and one inspired by mythology. These should be two different ones.
  4. There used to be scoring systems for these sorts of things to track your success and compete with others. This isn’t really set-up as a competition. You can however track your success however you want and I would love for you to share your finished series with me!
  5. Please leave recommendations for either of my picks, for new entries or for plain enjoyment. I’d love to see them.
  6. Not sure about what I’m gonna do with things I quit – which happens quite often – but I may open a list of rejects below or make a new post at the end of the year with a total and some sort of resumee.

2020 Movies Watchlist – Film Picks

  1. A French film
  2. An Italian Film
  3. A film belonging to Magical Realism
  4. A black-and-white film
  5. A Film Noir
  6. An animated feature that is neither Disney nor Ghibli
  7. A film directed by a woman
  8. A film starring amateur actors
  9. A musical
  10. A film based off of a video game
  11. A film by a queer director
  12. An eastern-european film
  13. A film about mermaids
  14. A film inspired by mythology, that isn’t christian, roman, greek or egyptian
  15. A film from the 90es
  16. A film from the 80es
  17. A film from the 70es
  18. A rom-com
  19. A German film
  20. A film about the circus
  21. A film with a train
  22. A biographical picture
  23. An adaption
  24. A film a friend recommended to me – Cleo 5 á 7
  25. A film made for children
  26. A film about space
  27. A very poorly made film – Tarantula
  28. A horror classic
  29. A western
  30. A new release

2020 Movies Watchlist – Shortfilm Picks

  1. A film belonging to Cinema of Attractions
  2. A film directed by a queer woman
  3. A film with a twist
  4. A film made by students
  5. A film with practical effects

2020 Movies Watchlist – Documentaries Picks

  1. Something that isn’t true crime
  2. Something about business
  3. An unknown story
  4. A film about films
  5. A film about nature

These are my picks for now. As with the reading list, I am open to recommendations, both for the rules and for new picks!

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