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2020 Gaming List

gaming list

In case you haven’t read my 2020 Reading List, here’s the deal: A while ago I updated this sweet little site of mine with reading, watching and currently playing lists respectively. I did so quickly and I did so in an attempt to give this blog more shape and to get a better connection to everyone who may stumble upon it.
Well, I felt inspiration strike this morning and I want to do this a little differently, now: Instead of adding specific titles to the list I’m gonna go more by concept and ideas and general categorizations. This way I hope to expand my horizons a little bit.
The world of media is huge and plentiful and there may be books I’ve never heard of before. I may only find them by opening myself up to broader options. It may also help me get some recommendations by people who are more familiar with the things I have not yet discovered.
So: Here’s my new and improved reading list for 2020 and some rules you may or may not want to follow but that would make this more of a challenge.

So the deal with the 2020 Gaming List is basically the same: I try to collect movies I’d want to watch not by specific titles but by more conceptional categories.
This is going to be a very short list, since a lot of games take a long time to finish. I might add some in the future.


  1. If you feel like it, feel free to join in or create your own list. I remember these sort of monthly challenges from my time as a book blogger and I thought it would be a nice idea.
  2. I try and keep this list updated by what I’m currently playing, what I’ve played and the links to the posts regarding the pieces I’ve played. I may also add or remove entries as inspiration strikes.
  3. Entries shouldn’t double.
  4. There used to be scoring systems for these sorts of things to track your success and compete with others. This isn’t really set-up as a competition. You can however track your success however you want and I would love for you to share your games with me!
  5. Please leave recommendations for either of my picks, for new entries or for plain enjoyment. I’d love to see them.
  6. You obviously have to finish the whole game for it to be considered played. You don’t have to play your way through the entire series, though.
    I know this is kind of hard to do with continous games, like Harvest Moon or Multiplayer titles. I’m not sure how to rearrange the rule, though.
    I do think that you need to play a game for a certain time, to get a feeling for it but I cannot quite put a number on it. Feel free to make suggestions.
  7. Not sure about what I’m gonna do with things I quit – which happens quite often – but I may open a list of rejects below or make a new post at the end of the year with a total and some sort of resumee.

2020 Gaming List – Picks

  1. A game made by a single person
  2. A flash game
  3. Something off
  4. A dating sim
  5. A strategy game
  6. A linear game
  7. A point-and-click-adventure
  8. A multiplayer-game
  9. Something with a rare gameplay mechanic
  10. A game primarily made by women

So … these are my contenders for my 2020 gaming list. I know I’ve started this one a little late into the year but it felt like too good of an idea to put it off for 9 months.
Like many people in these trying times I am currently stuck at home so this might be a nice idea to keep my mental sanity up.

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